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Internet Grooming
Script of a Conversation

Transcript of a conversation bnetween an underaged child and an Internet Groomer. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or email


  • WARNING: What follows below is a transcript of the actual conversations that took place between our agent and the perpetrator. Some of the conversation is of an adult nature, and may be distressing, so please do not read this if you feel you may offended. Names and identities have been changed
  • As a part of a client enquiry, and using a pseudo-identity of a young girl, we recently cultivated a relationship with an individual who had an interest in turning a young teenager to be his submissive victim in a sado-masochistic relationship. After several weeks of internet talk he arranged to meet her. He was fully aware of her age and circumstances

    The meeting was arranged, however instead of meeting his victim he met (to his shock) with the girls "father" and one of our detectives, who subsequently interviewed him. He is no longer in our client's employ. This is a transcript of their conversation over a period of weeks; countless emails with pornographic attachments were received by her from him - we have not reproduced these in the interests of decency

    We used a false identity to register with the Messenger client. The sign-up process requires a user to be over 18, but since no proof of identity is required, it is possible for any minor to lie about their age. Once in the chatroom, pseudonyms of a girl aged 15 was used. This was supported by her own "home-made" website with authentic photographs and a mobile phone for text messaging. The target was identified through researching "profiles" and finding his subscriber information and chat names used

    The more sophisticated and cautious paedophile will often be open about their age, but patient in establishing a sense of trust in the child. "They do this by talking about the trials of being a young adult, and try to get a clear picture in their mind of the child's set-up at home. Once they have gained this trust and built up a 'friendship', the conversation then starts to turn sexual," A typical ruse employed by paedophiles is when the predator asks the victim what she is wearing. This is usually followed by asking her to take something off such as her underwear

    The more cunning paedophile will say something more innocuous like "do you enjoy taking showers", swiftly followed by "do you touch yourself in the bath?" It is also commonplace to ask the girl if she has pubic hair in order to build up a mental picture of her level of physical maturity. The intention of most paedophiles is to engage the girl in cybersex activities. As the following excerpt from a real conversation highlights, little evidence of response or participation is needed from the girl in order for the man to continue the solicitation

    In addition to standard text chat offered by services, there is also the facility for video & voice chat. Child psychologists agree that voice has the ability to capture a child's attention more effectively than text. It is more immediate, and bypasses the problem of children having a slow typing speed or poor spelling. A predator may use his voice to instill a sense of calm in the child, never raising their voice and making good use of vocal gestures to amuse the child. The child will find the voice amusing and compelling. They feel they are in a real relationship with these men and see them as special

    The transcript below took place over a period of weeks. The predator (calling himself "lord_and_master_2001") saw himself in a dominant role, and arranged a real time meeting, giving indication of what he wished to do to her ("michelle_2001"). He stipulates that she is to "tell no-one" and to arrive alone

    [Chat conversation begins after several emails have been exchanged]
    michelle_2011: um.....hello
    lord_and_master_2011: hi - sorry didn't see the icon
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: yeh that hapens to me loads
    michelle_2011: thought you were ignoring me
    lord_and_master_2011: no - just blind as a bat
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: like me
    michelle_2011: I walk into walls without glasses
    michelle_2011: how are you?
    lord_and_master_2011: got your mail, sorry I haven't replied, rather busy at present (death of mother)

    [Predator engenders a feeling of sympathy and rapport with the child]
    michelle_2011: oh Im so sorry
    michelle_2011: I woried in case I was being too forward
    michelle_2011: my gran died a couple of years ago and I remember how much that hurt
    michelle_2011: It must feel pretty awful
    lord_and_master_2011: very sudden, but not in pain, still these things happen to us all at sometime or other, must not dwell on it, plenty to do and sort out
    michelle_2011: yeh i bet
    michelle_2011: theres not much wrong in dwelling on it though
    michelle_2011: thats an Ok thing to do
    lord_and_master_2011: lets change to subject
    michelle_2011: OK
    michelle_2011: no prob
    lord_and_master_2011: lets change the subject
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: any sugestions?
    lord_and_master_2011: Tell me about you, why submissive
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: do you know, I dont realy know
    michelle_2011: it started as a laugh and then.......
    michelle_2011: its just such a high#
    michelle_2011: trouble is I dont think too many people understand
    michelle_2011: theres too many kids out there i gues
    lord_and_master_2011: why did it start as a laugh
    michelle_2011: just from messing on the net

    lord_and_master_2011: in what way?
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: (thinks)
    michelle_2011: you want the whole thing?
    lord_and_master_2011: I want to know what makes you tick
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: thats easy
    michelle_2011: giveing control away is what makes me fly
    michelle_2011: like its my choice too, but you kinda get yourself to the point whare its a point of pride to stick with it
    michelle_2011: BUT
    michelle_2011: it needs someone whos got some life experience to take that control
    michelle_2011: and people like that are hard to find
    lord_and_master_2011: thats true
    michelle_2011: you ever got involved like this before?
    lord_and_master_2011: So I take it that you have had no real time experience
    [He gently challenges her to assess her experience]

    michelle_2011: yeh I have
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: it was another world
    michelle_2011: anything I do , I do for real
    michelle_2011: not head stuff
    lord_and_master_2011: what did you experience? how did you enjoy it?
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: this sounds like an interview!
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: in a way yes, I need to know, if what we have in common
    michelle_2011: bit reluctant to get into big personal stuff with someone I dont realy know......yet
    michelle_2011: but if that someone is right
    michelle_2011: diffrent matter
    lord_and_master_2011: fair enough................
    michelle_2011: tell you something though
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: I am comitted
    michelle_2011: and Im not just playing
    michelle_2011: and I know what Im doing
    michelle_2011: and if I put my head somewhare (no pun meant)
    michelle_2011: then Im there 110%
    michelle_2011: loyal and faithful too
    lord_and_master_2011: I beleive you, honesty
    michelle_2011: I got a couple of ground rules though
    michelle_2011: there important
    lord_and_master_2011: go ahead
    michelle_2011: 1) nothing that scars
    michelle_2011: 2) nothing that causes trouble outside of 4 walls
    michelle_2011: thats about it
    michelle_2011: but this whole thing is about respect too
    michelle_2011: and if someone took me on Id have to be able to trust them
    michelle_2011: and i dont jump into things
    michelle_2011: i might be a bit odd, but Im not
    michelle_2011: [well not that stupid anyway.....]
    lord_and_master_2011: I agree perfectly, as a master I beleive in control, punishment as required to agreed limits
    michelle_2011: I bin punished before
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    lord_and_master_2011: back in a mo - nature calls
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: back
    lord_and_master_2011: how did you find me ?
    michelle_2011: hi
    michelle_2011: god i need to pee now too!
    michelle_2011: you Ok for a minute?
    lord_and_master_2011: yse
    michelle_2011: brb
    lord_and_master_2011: waiting for kettle to boil - coffee time
    lord_and_master_2011: I'm back and waiting
    michelle_2011: Im back
    michelle_2011: all pee'd out
    michelle_2011: bladder empty
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: So where did you and your friend find me
    michelle_2011: yahoo profile
    michelle_2011: 'cept it was just me
    lord_and_master_2011: thats a big search
    michelle_2011: nah its not
    michelle_2011: not when you narow it down
    lord_and_master_2011: from what
    michelle_2011: guess im too much of a nethead
    michelle_2011: age and location and sex and that sort of thing
    lord_and_master_2011: this is all double dutch at times but learning
    michelle_2011: lol michelle_2011: nah its easy
    michelle_2011: tell you what
    lord_and_master_2011: Thats interesting - never tried that
    lord_and_master_2011: what
    michelle_2011: theres a webservice called facelink or something
    michelle_2011: dunno whare it is exactly but someone stole my pic and put it up there for a "joke"
    michelle_2011: i get loads of emails!
    michelle_2011: most of them are from wannabe timewasters though
    lord_and_master_2011: theres plenty of them about
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: the way you say that makes it sound like your not one of them?
    michelle_2011: I mean, I dont want to waste your time
    lord_and_master_2011: I have for many years now , I have come across timewasters from people just getting kicks to those who chicken out at the first sign of any action.
    [Again a gentle challenge to encourage her]

    michelle_2011: good point
    lord_and_master_2011: It sounds like you are not one of them..................
    michelle_2011: by the way, I like the sound of "many years"
    lord_and_master_2011: I take it you know my age
    michelle_2011: not exactly know
    michelle_2011: but i guess your older
    michelle_2011: thats why I was intrested
    lord_and_master_2011: 45 - 46 in 4 weeks
    [The more sophisticated and cautious predator will be open about their age. This man was indeed 46]

    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: thinking about that
    michelle_2011: yeh ive thought
    michelle_2011: I think its cool with me
    lord_and_master_2011: Good
    michelle_2011: wanna know why?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes, if you would like to tell me
    michelle_2011: cos I guess youve bin around
    michelle_2011: more than that
    michelle_2011: your polite too
    michelle_2011: and funny
    lord_and_master_2011: yes and the world
    michelle_2011: are you smileing right now?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: me too
    lord_and_master_2011: sounds like we are on the same wavelength...................................
    michelle_2011: could be
    michelle_2011: dont like rushing things though
    lord_and_master_2011: true
    michelle_2011: couple of things you said
    michelle_2011: timewasters getting kicks
    michelle_2011: and chickening out
    michelle_2011: you want honest answers?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: kicks - yeh, of course, but not timewasteing kicks
    michelle_2011: chickening out - theres bin a couple of times when my head has been realy desprate but
    lord_and_master_2011: understand
    michelle_2011: ive never chickened out
    michelle_2011: your serius about this, arent you?
    lord_and_master_2011: You should not of even got to the stage of chickening out, if what you desired was explained and planned carefully, with honesty and loving
    michelle_2011: yeh i understand
    michelle_2011: but then again i dont always want to know
    michelle_2011: the unexpected is good
    lord_and_master_2011: To be honest, its not something to be taken lightly
    michelle_2011: couldnt agree mor
    michelle_2011: but if the trust is good, theres no problem
    michelle_2011: which comes back round to the looking for someone whos bin around a bit thing
    michelle_2011: the others - Im not sure i always trut them
    lord_and_master_2011: You must put your complete control in your master who ever he is
    [stating his position as to who is now in charge of the relationship]

    michelle_2011: YES
    michelle_2011: I think we are on the same wavelength
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: I have to go shortly over to my mothers house, as I have some clearing out to do and estate agents to meet
    [Note: It transpired when "Michelle" agreed to meet the man, the arranged rendezvous was changed by him by text message 20 minutes prior to the set time. The new venue set was within a few hundred yards of this empty house, to which he had access. His plans for her were to take place there]

    michelle_2011: thats cool
    michelle_2011: can I ask you a couple of questiuns?
    michelle_2011: if you dont mind
    lord_and_master_2011: yes of course you can ask anything
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: if we got together on this, it could be on the net - whare it hapens for real this end, with or without "help"
    michelle_2011: and/or for real
    michelle_2011: are you ok with either, or both?
    michelle_2011: thats was first questiun
    michelle_2011: second is
    michelle_2011: can i trust you?
    lord_and_master_2011: Answer no1 - don't mind - up to you
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: no2?
    lord_and_master_2011: Answer no2 - I will not waste your time nor you mine - trust between us is very important
    michelle_2011: good answer
    michelle_2011: my answers?
    michelle_2011: no1
    michelle_2011: net is a good way to get to know someone
    michelle_2011: real I would have to think about but wouldnt be scared of, although depends whare (wont ask right now)
    michelle_2011: no2
    michelle_2011: yeh im ok
    lord_and_master_2011: So where would you like to go from here.................................
    michelle_2011: you seem so honest, i reckon i can trust you
    lord_and_master_2011: thank you
    michelle_2011: god i dunno
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: (takes a breath)
    michelle_2011: you want me...........boss?
    lord_and_master_2011: explain last
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: trying to think how to put this
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: do you want a obedient and loyal slave?
    michelle_2011: mebbe on the net to begin with
    lord_and_master_2011: Is there any other
    michelle_2011: yeh there are
    michelle_2011: theres timewasteing chickening types who aint got a clue what there doing
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: so........
    michelle_2011: oh for hells sake dont keep me in suspense like this....
    michelle_2011: I got butterflies in my tummy right now
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: good?
    lord_and_master_2011: sorry phone rang
    michelle_2011: meaning?
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: oh sorry
    michelle_2011: didnt realise
    lord_and_master_2011: thats okay
    michelle_2011: aw come on
    michelle_2011: stop teaseing me
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: will you be about - same time tomorrow
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: yeh could be
    michelle_2011: or tonight mebbe
    lord_and_master_2011: Sorry busy tonite
    michelle_2011: Ill be on neway
    michelle_2011: arent you even gonna give me a teensy idea what your thinking?
    lord_and_master_2011: whats neway
    michelle_2011: anyway
    michelle_2011: n - e - way
    lord_and_master_2011: I'm thinking about what you really desire
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: what you want right now
    michelle_2011: tell me more
    michelle_2011: I wantV lord_and_master_2011: what your think about
    lord_and_master_2011: thinking
    michelle_2011: someone - I think like you - who knows what there doing and who isnt a messer
    michelle_2011: who will take me on as there slave
    lord_and_master_2011: wondering just how much control you need
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: right now I have 100% control over me
    michelle_2011: I would give that 100% to you
    michelle_2011: and you can use as much of it as you like
    lord_and_master_2011: 100% would be good, but that has to be earned so just a few % for now will do
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: you are grown up
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: so.......
    michelle_2011: am I sold then?
    lord_and_master_2011: meet again at 9am tomorrow morning
    michelle_2011: might be a bit later but not much
    michelle_2011: good by me though

    lord_and_master_2011: morning
    michelle_2011: oo
    michelle_2011: hello
    michelle_2011: are you good?
    michelle_2011: I mean like are you well and that?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes fine thanks
    michelle_2011: cool
    lord_and_master_2011: and you
    michelle_2011: yeh absolutely brill
    michelle_2011: hate the rain though
    lord_and_master_2011: it not raining here
    michelle_2011: oh
    michelle_2011: dunno whare "here" is
    michelle_2011: s'ok, Im not asking
    michelle_2011: I guess you live in england or you wouldnt have said so
    lord_and_master_2011: North Hampshire
    michelle_2011: oh
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: I thought you were going to sday manchester or something
    lord_and_master_2011: thats somewhere abroad isnt it
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: yeh reckon so
    michelle_2011: better down here in the south
    lord_and_master_2011: still looking forward to the sun at the weekend
    michelle_2011: sun?
    michelle_2011: yeh hope so
    michelle_2011: dont think Ill be sunbatheing though
    michelle_2011: have to stay pasty white
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: but not here...................................i will be
    michelle_2011: yeh?
    michelle_2011: confused
    lord_and_master_2011: I love the sun - rather well tanned
    michelle_2011: whoo @ you
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: I was born in the sun
    michelle_2011: so what, are you going away or something?
    lord_and_master_2011: I'm off to Florida on saturday, yes u told me in your email u were born abroad
    michelle_2011: wow@ florida
    michelle_2011: i never been there
    michelle_2011: Bin to america though
    michelle_2011: that will be so cool
    lord_and_master_2011: lost count of the number of times been to usa
    michelle_2011: are you going away for long
    lord_and_master_2011: 10 days
    michelle_2011: briliant
    lord_and_master_2011: its my xmas shopping trip
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: think Ill stick to doing my xmas shopping in Guildford
    lord_and_master_2011: went to las vegas last year
    michelle_2011: thats if i can rake up any money
    michelle_2011: Id love to go to Las Vegas
    michelle_2011: its whare it all hapens
    lord_and_master_2011: brilliant city, never sleeps
    michelle_2011: yeh I bet
    lord_and_master_2011: dont gamble though
    michelle_2011: i went to reno but i think it was olike a poor cousin
    lord_and_master_2011: your right on that one
    michelle_2011: (=====is impresed at your puritan not gambling
    lord_and_master_2011: what do you do for a living
    michelle_2011: study
    lord_and_master_2011: what
    michelle_2011: Law and Business Studies & Music
    lord_and_master_2011: are you supposed to be at school now.............................
    [Note: He demonstrates that he is well aware of her educational status. Even if it is not precisely expressed, he has a good idea of her age and has seen photographs.]

    michelle_2011: hehehe
    michelle_2011: yeh but Im at home right now
    michelle_2011: you sussed me pretty quick
    lord_and_master_2011: its a knack
    michelle_2011: do you know EVRYTHING?
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: No - but I always say you learn something new everyday
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: reckon your right
    michelle_2011: mind you not always true in my case
    michelle_2011: sometimes i just daydream through it all
    lord_and_master_2011: thats not a bad thing either
    michelle_2011: yeh i reckon
    michelle_2011: I like talking to you
    lord_and_master_2011: and I do to you
    michelle_2011: aw thats nice
    michelle_2011: now all of a sudden Im gonna miss you when your away
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: sorry these things happen
    lord_and_master_2011: its been planned for a year
    michelle_2011: nah Im only teaseing
    michelle_2011: you almost sound like your not keen to go
    lord_and_master_2011: in fact next year is planned already
    michelle_2011: yeh?
    michelle_2011: whare you going next year?
    lord_and_master_2011: Oh yes I want to go - need to get away for a while after whats happened lately
    michelle_2011: yeh I bet
    michelle_2011: i hadnt forgoten
    lord_and_master_2011: Key West in May - California and Vegas in Sept - New York in Dec
    michelle_2011: blimey
    michelle_2011: I went to cali but not the other places
    michelle_2011: bin to chicago and oregon too
    lord_and_master_2011: Havent been to chicago
    michelle_2011: its brill
    michelle_2011: cold though
    lord_and_master_2011: I will do some day
    michelle_2011: yeh do
    michelle_2011: I have a lot of net frends in america
    michelle_2011: Do you like art?
    lord_and_master_2011: back in a mo - coffee brewing
    michelle_2011: stuff like modern sculpture?
    michelle_2011: ok

    lord_and_master_2011: are you there yet........................
    michelle_2011: yeh Im back
    michelle_2011: i was laughing at what you wrote
    michelle_2011: my puter is crap
    michelle_2011: u there?
    lord_and_master_2011: you've lost me on puter - whats that
    michelle_2011: computer
    lord_and_master_2011: silly me
    michelle_2011: nahv michelle_2011: not silly
    michelle_2011: you have to go to work at 10.30?
    michelle_2011: what do you do?
    lord_and_master_2011: just stupid when it comes to this modern tech.........
    michelle_2011: Ill teach you
    michelle_2011: maybe youll teach me stuff in return
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: Design Consultant
    michelle_2011: whoo
    michelle_2011: very flash
    lord_and_master_2011: pays the bills
    michelle_2011: so...
    michelle_2011: whare were we?
    lord_and_master_2011: What would u like me to teach u ?
    michelle_2011: hehehe
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    michelle_2011: dunno - what you got in mind?
    lord_and_master_2011: be honest
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: what are you ofering?
    lord_and_master_2011: that all depends on your desires
    michelle_2011: I told you that yesterday
    lord_and_master_2011: so what do you desire today ? michelle_2011: eek
    michelle_2011: i got butterflies again
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: questiun:
    michelle_2011: would you make a good master?
    lord_and_master_2011: I know how to observe a subs needs, consider the implications and act according
    michelle_2011: the silence
    michelle_2011: sorry you beat me to it
    lord_and_master_2011: but that is really after discussion on a subs desires, needs and wants
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: what would you like to know?
    michelle_2011: about me I mean?
    lord_and_master_2011: I would like to know more about your submissive side
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: fare enough
    michelle_2011: Im total - if thats too much, dont worry
    lord_and_master_2011: how often do you think about being submissive
    michelle_2011: lots
    michelle_2011: and if i get into it with someone, it becomes life
    michelle_2011: like if im online and the boss is there, and he says "do xxxxxxx"
    michelle_2011: then i do it
    michelle_2011: without hesitateing
    michelle_2011: still there?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: thinking about your answer
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: is that what your used to?
    lord_and_master_2011: sounds like you have given this a lot of thought
    michelle_2011: yeppers
    michelle_2011: lots and lots
    michelle_2011: and i bin there before
    lord_and_master_2011: tell me...............

    lord_and_master_2011: its interesting that you have participated fully online with help at your end
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: it gets so cool
    michelle_2011: good mate though
    lord_and_master_2011: Not quite sure why you may of wanted to get involved with a couple
    michelle_2011: dunno realy
    michelle_2011: it just kind of hapened
    michelle_2011: from talking, you know
    michelle_2011: they were nice people
    lord_and_master_2011: your mate must have a dominant nature
    michelle_2011: kinda
    michelle_2011: shes kind of got her own rules, you know
    lord_and_master_2011: are you bisexual
    michelle_2011: like she wont be the one in charge, but she will make sure that whatever the guy online says hapens for real
    michelle_2011: thats a big questiun
    michelle_2011: you want an honest answer?
    lord_and_master_2011: that needs an answer
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: honest answer is I dont realy know
    lord_and_master_2011: good answer
    michelle_2011: I have been there and enjoyed it
    michelle_2011: but Im not sure that realy makes me bi

    lord_and_master_2011: okay its - only me trying to get the overall picture
    michelle_2011: thats fine
    michelle_2011: tell you
    michelle_2011: tel you what
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: something that i find works well
    lord_and_master_2011: is
    michelle_2011: yesterday i talked about ground rules
    michelle_2011: another one
    michelle_2011: and that is me.......
    lord_and_master_2011: go on
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: if you take me on, then you get the right to know anything you want to know
    michelle_2011: like i have no secrets
    michelle_2011: not with you
    michelle_2011: and if things worked out online, and you wanted it to go live, then maybe that would hapen to
    michelle_2011: but i would have to reserve the right to think about it at the time and to make sure it was safe
    michelle_2011: you know what i think?
    lord_and_master_2011: thats good - it might be a good idea to think about whether you want to continue into a submissive role with me as your master whilst I am away. To this end I suggest you email me daily with your thoughts.
    michelle_2011: Ill run out of thoughts in ten days!
    michelle_2011: (=====empty headed
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: tell you what i think.....
    michelle_2011: i reckon your worth waiting for
    michelle_2011: BUT
    michelle_2011: i dont want to go through 10 days of wondering
    lord_and_master_2011: each day you will have desires on what you want, just write then down
    michelle_2011: you need to make a decisiun
    michelle_2011: do you want to take me on?
    lord_and_master_2011: whats that
    michelle_2011: ?
    lord_and_master_2011: Yes - I consider you to be a true submissive lady who has some very deep and dark thoughts on being a submissive slave and I would consider it an honour to be able to bring these thoughts into real life.
    michelle_2011: cool
    michelle_2011: am I alowed to tease you a bit?
    lord_and_master_2011: I dont see why not
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: I dont come free
    michelle_2011: you have to do something for me
    michelle_2011: just one thing
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: and itll help me to psyche myself properly
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: you dont get me for freev

    michelle_2011: you have to pay, once only..........
    michelle_2011: Ill tell you how much I cost in a minute
    michelle_2011: cos slaves are always sold......v

    michelle_2011: how much do you reckon?
    michelle_2011: boss?
    lord_and_master_2011: To be honest - I don't really know but I expect you will tell me
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: good answer.....
    michelle_2011: hmm
    michelle_2011: £1000?
    michelle_2011: £100?
    michelle_2011: £10?
    michelle_2011: nah michelle_2011: im cheaper than that
    michelle_2011: still gonna cost you though - you going out today?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: right
    michelle_2011: the FIRST charity box that you see.........
    michelle_2011: put 50p in it
    lord_and_master_2011: and
    michelle_2011: thats it
    michelle_2011: thats what i cost - 50p in the charity box
    lord_and_master_2011: thats not to difficult
    michelle_2011: hehehe
    michelle_2011: got you going though, didnt it?
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: SOLD
    lord_and_master_2011: only slightly
    michelle_2011: nah not quite siold
    michelle_2011: something i have to do first
    lord_and_master_2011: whats that
    michelle_2011: psyche myself
    michelle_2011: im gonna count down from ten
    michelle_2011: after that Im sold
    michelle_2011: totaly
    michelle_2011: whatever you say, whatever you do, whatever you ask
    michelle_2011: is that ok with you?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: ready?
    michelle_2011: 10
    lord_and_master_2011: go ahead
    michelle_2011: 9
    michelle_2011: 8
    michelle_2011: 7
    michelle_2011: 6
    michelle_2011: 5
    michelle_2011: 4
    michelle_2011: 3
    michelle_2011: 2
    michelle_2011: 1
    michelle_2011: goes.........
    michelle_2011: 0
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: you are now mine..................................
    michelle_2011: yes.....boss......
    michelle_2011: do you ever use yahoo chat?
    lord_and_master_2011: I dont like boss - prefer SIR
    michelle_2011: yes SIR
    lord_and_master_2011: couple of times
    michelle_2011: yes Sir
    michelle_2011: yes Sir
    michelle_2011: so..........
    lord_and_master_2011: look at the time - I have an appointment at 11am
    michelle_2011: omigod
    michelle_2011: you should go
    michelle_2011: when will we talk again?
    lord_and_master_2011: be around later this afternoon say 3pm
    michelle_2011: I can do that i think
    michelle_2011: i have to go to dance class at 4 though
    michelle_2011: I will be here
    lord_and_master_2011: good - but thats a bit tight - will try to be online about 2pm hows that
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: might be a bit after 2, but i will be here as soon as i can
    lord_and_master_2011: is that a problem
    michelle_2011: nah i should be back by then
    michelle_2011: i will see you than, sir
    lord_and_master_2011: okay see you then
    lord_and_master_2011: TTFN
    michelle_2011: byesie......sir
    Yahoo! Messenger: lord_and_master_2011 has logged out.

    michelle_2011: hello.....sir
    lord_and_master_2011: hi
    michelle_2011: Good afternoon Sir
    lord_and_master_2011: sorry I missed u yesterday, I had another appointment
    michelle_2011: no prob
    lord_and_master_2011: plus I was running late
    michelle_2011: was it good?
    lord_and_master_2011: not bad
    michelle_2011: (===always on time
    michelle_2011: [and I run a lot too]
    lord_and_master_2011: u made me late
    michelle_2011: oh
    michelle_2011: im sorry sir
    michelle_2011: didnt mean to
    lord_and_master_2011: thats okay
    michelle_2011: phew
    michelle_2011: thought id be punished
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: no - we had not really started
    michelle_2011: i was jokeing
    lord_and_master_2011: I will be back in a mo - logging off to get another 2 hrs
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: ill wait for you sir
    Yahoo! Messenger: lord_and_master_2011 has logged back in.
    lord_and_master_2011: back again
    michelle_2011: wb sir
    lord_and_master_2011: what have u been up too.............
    michelle_2011: nuffin much
    michelle_2011: dance class last night, went out with a mate after
    lord_and_master_2011: submissive thoughts
    michelle_2011: sometimes
    michelle_2011: nuffin particular
    lord_and_master_2011: dreaming or what
    michelle_2011: just thinking sometimes
    michelle_2011: you see reminders, you know
    lord_and_master_2011: of what - past experiences
    michelle_2011: yeh
    lord_and_master_2011: enjoyable ones
    michelle_2011: sometimes stuff is enjoyable at the time
    michelle_2011: sometimes scary and desprate
    michelle_2011: but allways enjoyable - or funny - when you remember it
    lord_and_master_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: I consider it to be enjoyable all the time
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    michelle_2011: course it is
    michelle_2011: just sometimes hard going when your half dressed and "restricted"
    michelle_2011: know what I mean?
    lord_and_master_2011: that brings me on to a good point
    michelle_2011: listens
    lord_and_master_2011: I have a picture in my mind on how I like my slave to be dressed - what do you think it is
    [arousing her curiosity with seemingly innocous questions]

    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: how many guesses do i get?
    michelle_2011: ?
    lord_and_master_2011: not many
    michelle_2011: 3?
    lord_and_master_2011: 2
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: 1. not very
    michelle_2011: 2. tarty
    lord_and_master_2011: expand on both
    michelle_2011: not very doesnt need expanding
    michelle_2011: tarty i guess means heels and stuff
    lord_and_master_2011: So what would you wear from your wardrobe
    michelle_2011: whatever you would like me to
    michelle_2011: mostly though if im at home im in jeans or shorts
    michelle_2011: and trainers
    michelle_2011: bet you hate trainers
    lord_and_master_2011: no - but I need a new pair
    michelle_2011: lmao
    michelle_2011: thats the kinda stuff im wareing now
    lord_and_master_2011: Okay -so whats your idea of what a slave should be dreesed like, taking into consideration that access is required for punishment and the enjoyment of your master?
    michelle_2011: access - well anything can come off cant it
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: skirt i guess
    lord_and_master_2011: so how would I get the skirt off with your legs tied and spread
    michelle_2011: ah
    michelle_2011: if its a full button or a wraparound
    lord_and_master_2011: good answer

    lord_and_master_2011: I will send a file - back in a mo
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: ok
    lord_and_master_2011: That would be an ideal outfit
    michelle_2011: what would?
    lord_and_master_2011: have you got the file
    michelle_2011: nah
    michelle_2011: was it an email?
    lord_and_master_2011: dont know - I pressed the button here, choose the file and sent it
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: aint had nething yet
    lord_and_master_2011: check email
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: checking
    michelle_2011: 2 mesages - none from you
    michelle_2011: try emailing it?
    lord_and_master_2011: okay - got an error - service not available - emailing
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: back
    michelle_2011: oo
    michelle_2011: i got mail
    michelle_2011: hang on
    lord_and_master_2011: 1
    michelle_2011: email says "dress"
    michelle_2011: you want me topen it sir?
    lord_and_master_2011: thats the one
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    [owing to the nature of the contents we are unable to show the graphic email sent]

    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: i got stockings and a dog collar
    michelle_2011: but i aint got a dress like that
    lord_and_master_2011: u might have - if you are good
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: omigod Id die for something like that
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: (===is gonna be good
    lord_and_master_2011: Thats what you call - full access
    michelle_2011: hmm
    lord_and_master_2011: would u like to see more
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: dunno
    michelle_2011: up to you
    michelle_2011: sir
    lord_and_master_2011: the web site is
    lord_and_master_2011: check it out later
    michelle_2011: yes sir
    lord_and_master_2011: I think you would look good in black
    michelle_2011: yeh i like black
    lord_and_master_2011: So whats your deepest desire..............................
    michelle_2011: that would take a lot of tellling
    michelle_2011: and i think you would need to know me better
    lord_and_master_2011: briefly
    michelle_2011: to serve
    michelle_2011: and the unexpected
    lord_and_master_2011: So if I told you to strip naked now and sit there naked whilst we talk - you would do it
    ["A typical ruse employed by paedophiles is when the predator asks the victim what she is wearing. This is usually followed by asking her to take something off such as her underwear" (see above) In this case he takes this to the extreme]

    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: so if you did, what?
    lord_and_master_2011: explain
    michelle_2011: sorry didnt read it properly
    michelle_2011: yes of course
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: i told you
    michelle_2011: i do what im told
    michelle_2011: if im told
    lord_and_master_2011: checking
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: I believe you
    michelle_2011: yes sir
    lord_and_master_2011: next time we get on line you WILL BE NAKED
    michelle_2011: yes sir

    lord_and_master_2011: And of course you complied..............................
    michelle_2011: yeppers
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: IN the arse or ON the arse
    michelle_2011: on
    lord_and_master_2011: wrong choice of word
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: i told her about you
    michelle_2011: was that ok?
    lord_and_master_2011: Just naked will do fine - its the feeling of venerbility I want
    [he means "vulnerability" - this says it all]

    michelle_2011: what?
    lord_and_master_2011: what what
    michelle_2011: sorry didnt understand
    michelle_2011: i understand vulnerbility
    michelle_2011: sometimes, though, haveing something to hang onto gets important
    michelle_2011: hope and all that
    michelle_2011: even if its just your knix
    michelle_2011: lol

    lord_and_master_2011: its the feeling of not knowing what may happen, when it may happen. I understand the concern - its down to trust of your master which you must learn.
    michelle_2011: yes sir
    michelle_2011: just had a funny thought
    michelle_2011: wondered what sarah was doing right now
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: You must give 100% and I must earn that in your eyes
    michelle_2011: i will give 100%
    lord_and_master_2011: What would like sarah to do...................
    michelle_2011: nah i just wondered if she was a t home
    michelle_2011: my silly mind
    michelle_2011: i can see her house from here
    lord_and_master_2011: no - explain - you must of had a desire for something
    michelle_2011: just had a thought about ringing her that was all
    lord_and_master_2011: for what
    michelle_2011: shes prolly not there neway
    michelle_2011: ask her over
    lord_and_master_2011: is that what you want..............
    michelle_2011: nah it was just a thought
    michelle_2011: i want what you want
    michelle_2011: sir
    michelle_2011: (====does as shes told

    lord_and_master_2011: very well I understand
    michelle_2011: yes sir
    lord_and_master_2011: As you are aware I will be away for just over a week
    michelle_2011: oo yeh
    michelle_2011: forgoten that
    michelle_2011: when you going?
    lord_and_master_2011: early morning
    michelle_2011: aw
    michelle_2011: you going with mates or what?
    michelle_2011: bet youll have a brill time
    lord_and_master_2011: Friends
    michelle_2011: sounds excelent
    lord_and_master_2011: back in a mo - long sentance to write
    michelle_2011: ok
    lord_and_master_2011: Whilst I am away you will compile a diary of your submissive thoughts each day - Do this by email
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: um

    lord_and_master_2011: Next I want you to obtain a photograph of yourself - wearing nothing but collar/cuffs etc standing legs and arms spread
    michelle_2011: oh god
    michelle_2011: dont mind but that might be hard
    michelle_2011: ill try
    lord_and_master_2011: In that case - STRIP NAKED NOW.....................
    michelle_2011: omigod
    michelle_2011: hafta lock the door
    lord_and_master_2011: REPORT WHEN COMPLETED
    [He makes her remove her clothing while talking to him online. He has also continued to send illustrated emails to her of how he would like to see her]

    michelle_2011: brb
    lord_and_master_2011: Faster
    lord_and_master_2011: where are u...............
    michelle_2011: back
    michelle_2011: sorry had to go lock the door
    lord_and_master_2011: and
    michelle_2011: still dressed
    michelle_2011: sorry
    michelle_2011: hang on
    michelle_2011: trainers
    michelle_2011: fleece
    michelle_2011: belt
    michelle_2011: top
    michelle_2011: jeans
    michelle_2011: omigod
    michelle_2011: evrything?
    lord_and_master_2011: dont type it - DO IT
    michelle_2011: sorry
    michelle_2011: bra & knix
    michelle_2011: done

    lord_and_master_2011: no
    michelle_2011: what?
    lord_and_master_2011: go answer the door as u are
    michelle_2011: omigod
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: damm
    michelle_2011: lmao
    michelle_2011: brb
    lord_and_master_2011: sod the letters -DO IT
    lord_and_master_2011: REPORT
    michelle_2011: back
    michelle_2011: took sommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee explaneing......
    lord_and_master_2011: and
    michelle_2011: here
    lord_and_master_2011: there is nothing to explain
    michelle_2011: i am being laughed at right now
    michelle_2011: lo;
    lord_and_master_2011: why - who laughing
    michelle_2011: sarah
    lord_and_master_2011: she should not laugh at a submissive slave
    michelle_2011: no i agree
    lord_and_master_2011: who complies with orders
    michelle_2011: yeppers
    michelle_2011: (===is a good girl
    lord_and_master_2011: you wanted to dress though
    michelle_2011: yeh
    lord_and_master_2011: How would Sarah like to spank that bare arse of yours
    michelle_2011: uh oh
    michelle_2011: you want to talk to her?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: hang on
    lord_and_master_2011: waiting
    michelle_2011: Good Afternoon. Are you the new person?
    [he is now talking to what he believes is a friend of "Michelle"'s who is present with her]

    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: Hello.
    lord_and_master_2011: hi
    michelle_2011: I saw your comments about my laughing. I am afraid it was very hard not to.
    lord_and_master_2011: Why - she is a submissive and should be naked - prepared at all times
    michelle_2011: But of course. And you should teach.
    lord_and_master_2011: Would you like to spank her arse
    michelle_2011: If you say so. With what? Paddle? There is also a switch hidden under the desk.
    lord_and_master_2011: switch
    michelle_2011: O.K. PMSL
    michelle_2011: How many times?

    lord_and_master_2011: bend her over and give her 5 hard strokes on each side of her arse - this is for not striping when told
    michelle_2011: Ouch. O.K. PMSL
    lord_and_master_2011: report when completed
    michelle_2011: I can tell you as it happens. Here go five on the left.
    michelle_2011: Five done. Now the right.
    michelle_2011: All done. She is rubbing her backside.
    michelle_2011: I think that stung.
    lord_and_master_2011: that should remind her to be quick to obey orders
    michelle_2011: I agree. PMSL
    michelle_2011: The poor darling is shivering. What a shame.
    lord_and_master_2011: now we have to punish her for not answering the door quick enough and wanting to dress - what do you suggest
    michelle_2011: Sorry, your call.
    lord_and_master_2011: is there anything like hair clips/clothes pegs there.......
    michelle_2011: Cothes pegs, yes.
    michelle_2011: Clothes.
    michelle_2011: I can see hair clips too.
    lord_and_master_2011: stand her with her hands behind her head and attach a clothes peg to each nipple
    michelle_2011: Ouch. O.K. Wait.
    michelle_2011: I had to go to the kitchen. But she is now standing in the middle of the room, hands behind head, one on each.
    michelle_2011: Incidentally, she still has her glasses on.
    lord_and_master_2011: Thank u for your help - she has to go out by 3 so she may now dress leaving the pegs in place until the last minute - thats fine I have mine on too..........
    michelle_2011: That's it? It is only quarter to 3
    lord_and_master_2011: This is her first time with me, slowly does it when training a new submissive slave, she has other orders to complete whilst I am away.
    michelle_2011: I understand.

    michelle_2011: .
    michelle_2011: Are you there?
    lord_and_master_2011: She is to photographed standing naked, wearing coller/cuffs etc with her arms and legs outstretched and send it to me by email for my return. - Good idea standing her the other way - is she dressing yet
    michelle_2011: No. I have stayed quiet.
    lord_and_master_2011: i'm not fast at typing
    michelle_2011: Typing is an over-rated skill.
    lord_and_master_2011: you could say that
    michelle_2011: It has just started raining here. Again.
    lord_and_master_2011: tell her she is not the wear her bra anymore today
    michelle_2011: PMSL. O.K.
    michelle_2011: I can see it on the floor.
    lord_and_master_2011: As its raining throw it out the window
    michelle_2011: PMSL. O.K. Wait.
    lord_and_master_2011: and watch her face
    michelle_2011: What about the rest of her stuff?

    [conversation resumes the next day]
    michelle_2011: afternoon sir
    lord_and_master_2011: I have been waiting
    michelle_2011: I am sorry
    lord_and_master_2011: Have you just finished
    michelle_2011: you should have buzzed me or something sir
    michelle_2011: finished?
    lord_and_master_2011: here now ...........................not to worry
    lord_and_master_2011: have you tried a couple of positions
    [overnight he has forwarded an email to her illustrating Slave Positions she should learn for him]

    michelle_2011: no chance yet sir
    michelle_2011: havent been home long
    lord_and_master_2011: We shall have to think of a subnissive name for you...................any suggestions
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: ive llways liked my name
    michelle_2011: well i hate the michelle bit
    michelle_2011: (======_-Michell _
    michelle_2011: shoulda been an 'e' on the end of Michelle
    lord_and_master_2011: what have you been doing today
    michelle_2011: as little as possible
    michelle_2011: you?
    michelle_2011: what you bin doing?
    lord_and_master_2011: Had an appointment this pm and another at 6
    michelle_2011: aw shame
    michelle_2011: apointment for what?
    michelle_2011: if Im not being too nosey.....

    lord_and_master_2011: shouldn't take long as its not to far away
    michelle_2011: shame
    michelle_2011: you coulda taken me with you
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: why
    lord_and_master_2011: forget that
    michelle_2011: no im sorry i was only jokeing
    michelle_2011: sorry
    michelle_2011: sorry sorry sorry
    michelle_2011: please forgive me
    lord_and_master_2011: we were talking at the same time and things got confused
    michelle_2011: k
    lord_and_master_2011: have you given anymore thought to us meeting - where & when
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: dunno
    michelle_2011: if its day, its hard dureing the week
    michelle_2011: saturdays any good?
    lord_and_master_2011: sometimes - not this weekend - going away
    michelle_2011: nah i cant this weekend
    michelle_2011: still got dance class
    michelle_2011: you going anywhare good?
    lord_and_master_2011: no - only to relations
    michelle_2011: oh
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: know what you mean
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: seriusly then.....
    michelle_2011: when?
    lord_and_master_2011: I am reasonably free next week at this present time

    [he now tries and succeeds in arranging a real life meeting]
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: u want me to get my diary?
    lord_and_master_2011: How about Monday for Lunch
    michelle_2011: cant i know
    michelle_2011: thursday maybe
    michelle_2011: or saturday maybe
    lord_and_master_2011: Yes that could be good
    michelle_2011: which?
    lord_and_master_2011: when on thurs
    michelle_2011: not sure
    michelle_2011: can i ask something?
    michelle_2011: and your answer wont make any diffrence
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: say we meet, yeh
    michelle_2011: next thursday
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: what hapens then?
    lord_and_master_2011: lets wait and see - you may not like me.................
    michelle_2011: suposing I do?
    michelle_2011: i just need to prepare myself
    lord_and_master_2011: in what way.................
    michelle_2011: to at least have an idea as to what hapens next
    lord_and_master_2011: well lets just take it as it comes...
    michelle_2011: s'fine by me
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: try this
    michelle_2011: idealy........
    michelle_2011: we meet, its ok
    michelle_2011: what hapens there and then from there?
    michelle_2011: hellos sir?
    lord_and_master_2011: I can only say that, should everything be okay, you will become my submissive slave for me to train, to become a very submissive and do my bidding as required. Taking punishment as when needed by your actions or for my pleasure.
    michelle_2011: straight away?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes - do you have a problem with that
    michelle_2011: no
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: just wanted to know what to expect
    michelle_2011: thursday then
    lord_and_master_2011: Don't worry - I'm not likely to bend you over a table in a crowded pub to spank your bare arse
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: thursdays ggod
    michelle_2011: kewl
    michelle_2011: ill think of somewhare
    michelle_2011: what sort of place?
    michelle_2011: pub?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: quiet or busy?
    lord_and_master_2011: either its up to you
    michelle_2011: what do you think is best?
    lord_and_master_2011: perhaps quiet
    michelle_2011: k
    michelle_2011: plenty of places like that round here
    michelle_2011: dead places that is
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: you asked about being naked earlier...........................
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: i was just curius
    lord_and_master_2011: It is designed to make you feel vunerable, unable to hid yourself from your master, who must know every part of your body, where to touch to make you feel pleasure and where to inflict pleasurable pain.
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: but why allways straight away?
    lord_and_master_2011: you must learn to obey
    michelle_2011: of course sir
    lord_and_master_2011: I expect you are NOT naked now..............are you
    michelle_2011: no sir
    michelle_2011: its raining lots outside
    michelle_2011: i can hear it
    lord_and_master_2011: You see - you still have not obeyed my first rule, not once have you been naked when you have come online
    michelle_2011: but i never know whether its gonna be you online!
    michelle_2011: might be someone else
    michelle_2011: thats the only reason
    lord_and_master_2011: I have always let you contact me - so this could be forfilled
    lord_and_master_2011: who else could it be......................
    michelle_2011: i have frends online all the time
    lord_and_master_2011: they surely cant get in our conversation can they.......
    michelle_2011: oh no, no prob
    michelle_2011: not unless you invite someone in
    lord_and_master_2011: well there you are - there is no reason not to comply
    michelle_2011: no sir
    michelle_2011: i mean yes sir
    michelle_2011: are you still there sir?
    lord_and_master_2011: good - glad we have that out of the way - You are excused from being naked this time as I have to go in 10mins
    michelle_2011: thank you sir
    lord_and_master_2011: But remember next time - YOU WILL BE NAKED
    [enforcing his control]

    michelle_2011: yes sir
    michelle_2011: when is next time sir?
    lord_and_master_2011: I take it your out tonite
    michelle_2011: not sure yet
    michelle_2011: waiting for a call
    lord_and_master_2011: I shall be on line about 8.30
    michelle_2011: I will try sir
    lord_and_master_2011: very good
    lord_and_master_2011: what is your dress size
    michelle_2011: depends on the dress
    lord_and_master_2011: normally
    michelle_2011: 10 ish
    lord_and_master_2011: bra size
    michelle_2011: 32B
    lord_and_master_2011: show size
    michelle_2011: 30 if its a gel fill
    lord_and_master_2011: shoe size
    michelle_2011: 5
    michelle_2011: (===stopid big feet
    lord_and_master_2011: I was just wondering.......
    michelle_2011: why?
    michelle_2011: you um.....
    lord_and_master_2011: thinking ahead
    michelle_2011: Im 5 foot 2 if that helps
    lord_and_master_2011: forgot that - thanks
    lord_and_master_2011: got to go now - will hopefully talk later..........................................TTFN
    michelle_2011: goodbye sir
    michelle_2011: love you
    lord_and_master_2011: bye
    Yahoo! Messenger: lord_and_master_2011 has logged out.

    lord_and_master_2011: I perfectly understand your concerns about me not liking your body, its your
    mind I'm after, your body is only a tool to be used and enjoyed by both of us. As for safe sexual practice, this is of course paramount and will be observed at all in sexual activity as part of our sub/dom relationship.
    [reassuring her and trying to gain her further confidence as someone she can trust. He works on her insecurities and is trying to portray himself as a person who she can look up to]

    lord_and_master_2011: Thank you for text message

    [sent by mobile phone]
    michelle_2011: hehehe
    michelle_2011: you dint send back
    lord_and_master_2011: was in a meeting
    michelle_2011: im sorry, hope I want a pain
    michelle_2011: meant to write wasnt a pain

    lord_and_master_2011: no - have it on silent when I am busy
    michelle_2011: yeh me too, have to dureing the day
    michelle_2011: i miss loads of calls though
    lord_and_master_2011: either the message takes them or I leave it as a missed call and get back when I can
    michelle_2011: right
    michelle_2011: what was your meeting about?
    michelle_2011: important I bet
    lord_and_master_2011: not really - we have one once a week to see whats happening or going to happen
    michelle_2011: what at work you mean?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: you design stuff dont you?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: sounds so cool
    lord_and_master_2011: can be - every job is different
    michelle_2011: you will have to tell me more
    lord_and_master_2011: later I expect
    michelle_2011: cool
    lord_and_master_2011: what have you been doing today
    michelle_2011: as little as possible
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: bet you been camera shy............................
    michelle_2011: nah not shy
    michelle_2011: but it is so raining and i have to go to that pasrt of town tomorow anyway
    michelle_2011: so Ill do it then
    michelle_2011: promise
    lord_and_master_2011: just as well
    michelle_2011: why?
    lord_and_master_2011: thats your task
    michelle_2011: i know
    michelle_2011: and i will do it
    lord_and_master_2011: You asked what to wear......................give me some idea as to your wardrobe
    michelle_2011: i got most stuff
    michelle_2011: nuffin that elegant though
    lord_and_master_2011: like
    michelle_2011: lots of jeans and trainers and stuff
    michelle_2011: and tops
    michelle_2011: and some stuff thats a bit more ladylike
    michelle_2011: few skirts
    lord_and_master_2011: tell me more
    michelle_2011: skirts and tops
    michelle_2011: not that into dresses
    michelle_2011: not evryday stuff anyway
    michelle_2011: leather pants
    michelle_2011: grey ones
    michelle_2011: couple of wraparounds
    lord_and_master_2011: what sort of skirts....................
    michelle_2011: kneelength and shorter
    michelle_2011: and a full length grey ankle skirt for orchestra
    michelle_2011: lots of pairs of shorts
    michelle_2011: mostly wear shorts in the summer
    michelle_2011: unlike now
    lord_and_master_2011: okay - kneelength sounds good
    michelle_2011: um
    lord_and_master_2011: now what about tops................................
    michelle_2011: i got a zebra pattern wraparound
    lord_and_master_2011: that sounds good
    michelle_2011: i got enough tops to stock Miss S
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: go for the zebra number
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: needs ironing
    lord_and_master_2011: thats your department
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: yes boss
    lord_and_master_2011: what sort of tops.....................
    michelle_2011: anything realy
    michelle_2011: you name it i got it
    michelle_2011: gorgeus black asymetrical crop top
    lord_and_master_2011: sounds like you like that one
    michelle_2011: it will go with the wraparound
    michelle_2011: yeh i love it
    lord_and_master_2011: okay thats fine
    michelle_2011: only love it when my tummys flat
    lord_and_master_2011: now what about footwear
    michelle_2011: sorry
    michelle_2011: lol@ the bell
    michelle_2011: um....strappies?
    lord_and_master_2011: don't really mind - the higher the heel the better
    michelle_2011: there not that high but there ok
    michelle_2011: at least i dont fall off them
    lord_and_master_2011: okay fine - but it may be something you may ave to get used too.....................
    michelle_2011: im sure i can
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: just thought id tell you
    michelle_2011: i mean dont worry, but...
    michelle_2011: i am nervus about thursday you know
    lord_and_master_2011: You have no need to worry, I only have one head - honest
    michelle_2011: roflmao
    michelle_2011: your funny
    michelle_2011: nah im allways like that about meeting people
    lord_and_master_2011: thats okay
    michelle_2011: last time i met someone in a pub (few weeks ago) i walked in and knocked the table near the door over
    michelle_2011: and things kinda went downhill from there
    michelle_2011: im a bit clumsy
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: and i dont see very well
    michelle_2011: and i had left my glasses
    michelle_2011: cos i dint want to be seen in them
    lord_and_master_2011: dont be vain about glasses - I wear them
    [reassuring and trading / supporting what she sees as failings]

    michelle_2011: thank god for that
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: thank you sir would of done
    michelle_2011: thank you SIR
    michelle_2011: i hate walking into pubs on my own though
    lord_and_master_2011: this only leaves one important factor that we have not discussed - underwear
    michelle_2011: ah
    michelle_2011: ok
    michelle_2011: what, you mean on thursday?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: does that mean you plan to see it?
    lord_and_master_2011: perhaps
    michelle_2011: i was jokeing
    michelle_2011: oh come on, be honest
    lord_and_master_2011: I was not joking - might do though
    michelle_2011: be honest
    lord_and_master_2011: that depends
    michelle_2011: its ok, im smileing, dont worry
    michelle_2011: tell me though
    lord_and_master_2011: so am I
    michelle_2011: just how much do you plan to see on thursday?
    lord_and_master_2011: Well I have one or two little tasks for you
    michelle_2011: when for?
    lord_and_master_2011: thurs
    michelle_2011: realy?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: go on, tell
    lord_and_master_2011: no - you will have to wait
    michelle_2011: awwwww
    michelle_2011: go on, gimme a clue
    michelle_2011: pretty please?
    lord_and_master_2011: I wish to know what underwear you have and would be wearing on thurs
    michelle_2011: oh
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: what should i wear?
    lord_and_master_2011: to go with the above
    michelle_2011: gimme an idea and ill see if i can do it
    michelle_2011: that wraparound is a bit see through against the light
    lord_and_master_2011: do have anything that matches
    michelle_2011: if i wear that top there only one strapless i can wear with it
    michelle_2011: normaly if i wear that i just dont bother
    michelle_2011: knix have to be light coloured though or they show through
    michelle_2011: u still there?

    lord_and_master_2011: here
    michelle_2011: yes sir Im here....
    michelle_2011: runs to her place
    lord_and_master_2011: unable to stay long - using my mobile to access the net - appointment in 20mins
    michelle_2011: oh wow
    lord_and_master_2011: it sounded like you have concerns about tomorrow
    michelle_2011: just me being nervus thats all
    lord_and_master_2011: had me worried
    michelle_2011: nah Im allways like that
    lord_and_master_2011: that you were going to cancel
    michelle_2011: i get in a tizz about things
    michelle_2011: help me then
    michelle_2011: how will i know who you are?
    michelle_2011: im terified of going to the wrong person
    lord_and_master_2011: well lets see - perhaps the leather trousers, white shirt and leather waistcoat might be a bit of a give away
    michelle_2011: realy?
    lord_and_master_2011: not many wearing that......................I dont suppose
    michelle_2011: what colour?
    lord_and_master_2011: is there any colour, other than black
    michelle_2011: hehehe
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    michelle_2011: you know how ill be dressed
    michelle_2011: black top and white and black wraparound
    lord_and_master_2011: yes - but we didn't complete the underwear section..........................
    michelle_2011: ah
    michelle_2011: yeh
    michelle_2011: theres only realy one bra i can wear with that that i have cos i only got one strapless
    michelle_2011: either that or i dont bother
    lord_and_master_2011: okay
    michelle_2011: have you got a car?
    lord_and_master_2011: do you have a matching panties & suspender belt ?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: yeh but it dont go
    lord_and_master_2011: go with what
    lord_and_master_2011: the bra
    michelle_2011: yeh
    lord_and_master_2011: okay then - no bra
    michelle_2011: can u hang on a sec
    michelle_2011: brb
    lord_and_master_2011: hows was the photo session..........................
    lord_and_master_2011: where are you................................
    michelle_2011: sec
    michelle_2011: sorry
    michelle_2011: im back#
    michelle_2011: hello?
    lord_and_master_2011: hi
    michelle_2011: sorry sir
    michelle_2011: you said you had a car
    michelle_2011: what colour is it?
    michelle_2011: just so i can look out for you
    lord_and_master_2011: yes - Vauxhall Cav - burgendy
    michelle_2011: not sure what thats like
    michelle_2011: not very good on
    lord_and_master_2011: I will park as near to the door as possible
    michelle_2011: burgendy like wine?
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: cool
    michelle_2011: makes me feel better
    michelle_2011: hey
    michelle_2011: (hint hint):
    lord_and_master_2011: yes
    michelle_2011: (==== likes pineapple bacardi breezer
    michelle_2011: (hint hint)
    michelle_2011: this conection is soooooooooooo slow
    lord_and_master_2011: so its no bra, matching underwear and black stockings
    michelle_2011: i can do that
    michelle_2011: you never did answer my questiun though
    michelle_2011: fromyesterday
    michelle_2011: i mean, this stuff about underwear......
    michelle_2011: does that mean your planning on seeing it?
    lord_and_master_2011: maybe - but you never know..............................ha ha
    michelle_2011: hehehe
    lord_and_master_2011: not tomorrow anyway
    michelle_2011: i asked for that dint I?
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: yes

    michelle_2011: hello/
    michelle_2011: ?
    lord_and_master_2011: lucky you that I didn't say lit
    michelle_2011: lol....not in sainsburys.......
    michelle_2011: are you realy realy gonna be there tomorow?
    lord_and_master_2011: what would you say if I said I wanted to see all of you tomorrow
    lord_and_master_2011: yes of course
    michelle_2011: cool
    michelle_2011: seeing does noharm
    michelle_2011: but how
    michelle_2011: whare?
    lord_and_master_2011: thats a bridge we will have to cross perhaps...............
    michelle_2011: explane?
    lord_and_master_2011: have to go now - online again tomorrow at 9am if you are about
    michelle_2011: um
    lord_and_master_2011: ttfn
    michelle_2011: yeh might be a bit later but not much
    michelle_2011: byesie sir
    michelle_2011: love you
    lord_and_master_2011: bye
    Yahoo! Messenger: lord_and_master_2011 has logged out.

    lord_and_master_2011: hi - how are u
    michelle_2011: nervus
    michelle_2011: and excited
    lord_and_master_2011: good - neither is a bad thing
    michelle_2011: lol
    michelle_2011: that must mean were still on then
    lord_and_master_2011: correct - ready to go
    michelle_2011: wow
    michelle_2011: i hate going into pubs on my own
    lord_and_master_2011: If you like - just ring my phone when you arrive and I will come outside
    lord_and_master_2011: I will not answer it
    michelle_2011: maybe
    michelle_2011: nah Im allright
    michelle_2011: if your there before me it will be ok
    michelle_2011: is that ok?
    lord_and_master_2011: sure........................its up to u - the option is there
    michelle_2011: thank you
    michelle_2011: your very thoughtful
    michelle_2011: i know im silly
    michelle_2011: hey, went out with a couple of frends last night - guess whare we went?
    michelle_2011: lol
    lord_and_master_2011: not in the slightest - I'm a little nervous tooooooooooo
    michelle_2011: oh im sorry
    lord_and_master_2011: where we are meeting
    michelle_2011: i just kinda manuvered it to go to the same place
    michelle_2011: i wanted to have a look
    lord_and_master_2011: and
    michelle_2011: that sounds kinda sad dont it?
    lord_and_master_2011: no
    michelle_2011: i just wanted to see
    michelle_2011: theres a realy nice open fire
    michelle_2011: its quiet on that side too
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: dunno whether theyll have it lit in the day though
    michelle_2011: dead cosy
    lord_and_master_2011: I will be standing at the bar near to the door
    lord_and_master_2011: we can then go round there
    michelle_2011: nah find a table near the back
    lord_and_master_2011: okay
    michelle_2011: less obvius
    lord_and_master_2011: wait for u there
    lord_and_master_2011: what
    michelle_2011: youve been so nice
    michelle_2011: nice
    michelle_2011: your a gentle person, arent you?
    michelle_2011: (smiles)
    lord_and_master_2011: Considerate is more the term I would use
    michelle_2011: yeh
    lord_and_master_2011: have u told anyone about our meeting
    [checking to see who knows]

    michelle_2011: nope
    michelle_2011: not a soul
    michelle_2011: have you?
    lord_and_master_2011: no
    michelle_2011: why do you ask?
    lord_and_master_2011: good
    michelle_2011: oh ok
    michelle_2011: um
    michelle_2011: cant think of anyone
    michelle_2011: i got a mate I could ring
    lord_and_master_2011: what about your special friend..........
    michelle_2011: lmao
    michelle_2011: yeh but she might nag me not to or something
    lord_and_master_2011: why - would she want to come....................ha ha
    michelle_2011: knowing her - prolly yeh
    michelle_2011: which is why i dont wanna say anything right now
    lord_and_master_2011: fair enough - best not tell anyone
    [ ! ]

    lord_and_master_2011: I would like to tie your hands behind your back, blindfold you and take you to a very quite spot, where I would strip you naked, tie your body to a fallen tree and spank your arse
    michelle_2011: whoo
    michelle_2011: you mean it?
    michelle_2011: or is this just words?
    lord_and_master_2011: then secure your arms above your head to a branch, apply pressure to your nipples until you wince with pain
    michelle_2011: ow
    lord_and_master_2011: spinning you round to spank your arse again and again
    michelle_2011: ow ow
    lord_and_master_2011: No these are not just words
    michelle_2011: its a sunny day
    michelle_2011: cold though
    lord_and_master_2011: But before this happens, I have to be sure you are ready for this and are completely at ease with what might happen or will happen under my control
    michelle_2011: ki know im ready
    michelle_2011: and think im at ease
    michelle_2011: what do you mean by what might hapen?
    michelle_2011: what might hapen?
    lord_and_master_2011: you have to be will tell
    michelle_2011: its ok i wont be put off - tell me
    lord_and_master_2011: whether we have discussed what will happen or if I decide just to do it
    michelle_2011: your the boss
    lord_and_master_2011: I KNOW
    michelle_2011: you said .....what might hapen.......
    michelle_2011: what might hapen?
    lord_and_master_2011: Right - I have to pop across to Reading now and get over to our meeting - GET YOURSELF READY AS ARRANGED and I will see you there
    michelle_2011: yes boss
    lord_and_master_2011: Wait and see.................................
    michelle_2011: i was gonna start getting ready about 12
    lord_and_master_2011: TTFN
    michelle_2011: bye
    lord_and_master_2011: bye
    michelle_2011: omigod.......3 hours.......
    Yahoo! Messenger: lord_and_master_2011 has logged out.

    [this was the last conversation prior to the arranged real life meeting. 20 minutes before the arranged time, he text messaged her on her mobile phone and changed the venue to a place a few hundred yards away from the empty house that he has available. In the event, he did not meet with the girl, he met with our staff, much to his surprise. What would have happened had he really met up with his 15 year old schoolgirl internet slave?]

    Answers Investigation have experience in handling problems of this nature, and have assisted the BBC in a major news story. It is helpful to us to tackle each case separately. We may approach the issue with a preventative approach - analysing computer usage, where a user has been, who they have contacted - or by using an experienced undercover investigator who may set themselves up as "bait" or ally themselves to the perpetrator

    The first thing to do is talk to us, and we will arrange to meet you. Call us on 01483 200999 or on any of our local contact numbers. All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

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