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Overseas Police Clearance

Surrey: 01483 200999
Hants: 02380 308274

Fingerprint Checks - For many countries, fingerprint checks are required to obtain overseas criminality information to provide to employers in the United Kingdom or to meet the requirements of the United Kingdom Immigration Rules to provide an overseas criminal record certificate in support of a visa application

We take your fingerprints record more conveniently and cheaply than attending a police station, either at our offices in London, Surrey and Hampshire, or we can visit you

There is no need to obtain the relevant cards - we carry cards in stock and will provide as many copies as required for an inclusive fee

For further information on country specific requirements, please follow the relevant link below:

Premium Service available for
(we handle the whole process):

Abu Dhabi | Bahrain
Canada | Dubai | Ethiopia

Overseas Police Clearance for:
USA (FBI) | South Africa | Canada | Australia

Abu Dhabi | Antigua | Australia | Barbados |
Bahamas | Bahrain | Botswana | Canada
Congo | Dubai | Eritrea | Ethiopia | Gambia
Ghana | Grenada | Guyana | Hong Kong
Indonesia | Iran | Jamaica | Kenya
Lesotho | Malawi | Nigeria | Oman
Qatar | Saint Lucia | Singapore
Somalia | South Africa | Thailand
Tonga | Trinidad | Uganda
USA (FBI) | Zambia | Zimbabwe

We will visit you, at a time that is convenient, using mobile equipment; this will cause the minimum disruption. Our staff are professional and pleasant, and understand the needs of your business. Our people travel and visit you whether you are based in London, in Europe or elsewhere in the UK

To make an appointment please call us:
London: 020 7158 0332
Surrey: 01483 200999
Hants: 02380 308274
or email

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