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Fingerprinting for private clients to prove matters of theft or malicious mail Call us on 020 7158 0332 or email

Theft in the home and the senders of malicious hate mail can be resolved and the perpetrators identified through forensic fingerprinting

A common requirement for the taking of fingerprints is for visa applications for foreign countries. This is becoming a requirement in some parts of the world, especially where access may be restricted

Comparison to prints lifted from objects can, of course, demonstrate who is telling the truth in an issue. If you have received malicious mail or perhaps somebody has received libellous mail it is likely that we will be able to retrieve fingerprints from the document and compare them to those from suspected mailers

Analysis of prints will indentify a culprit

We take fingerprints for Regulatory Compliance, CFTC, NFA, Visas and other ID

To make an appointment please call us:
London: 020 7158 0332
Surrey: 01483 200999
Hants: 02380 308274
or email

Fingerprint Evidence

Chemical treatment of items or dusting on-site will reveal fingerprints that can be compared to control prints and identify the owner

NFA Fingerprinting

Identifying the sender of hate mail or malicious messages by chemically treating paper and comparing to another item

Fingerprinting for FBI record checks

Taking fingerprints for FBI criminal records clearance on stock 258 forms for the USA and other countries around the world

examinaing handwriting for evidence

Identifying the sender of hate mail through analysis of their handwriting

Mobile Phone forensics - recovering data from mobile phones

Rebuilding the messages, email, images and files from a Fmobile phone handset

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