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Drug Testing

Drug Testing in the workplace - attended testing at your place of business. Tel: 020 7158 0332 to discuss or email

Drug Testing has become an important aspect of many working environments. We provide a simple and cost effective solution

We provide a fast, non intrusive and cost effective drug testing service which may be deployed:

  • On-site at your place of work
  • As a mobile service at an employee or persons home doorstep (particularly relevant to homeworkers)
  • By appointment at one of our offices
  • Our drug testing service has many applications, both at work and home such as:

  • Work environments where Health and Safety are of importance (such as building sites, vehicles, operating machinery)
  • Hospitality environments such as clubs and bars who adhere to licensing regulations and where staff need to be seen to be 'clean'
  • Companies who have experienced previous employee drug issues
  • Organisations such as Financial institutions who are keen to maintain a positive PR image
  • Parents concerned about an individual in the family
  • Companies currently allowing employees to work at home, or about to engage in return to work

    Our system is non-intrusive. Developed from our in-house skills in fingerprinting, test are conducted using sophisticated fingerprint cartridges. Analysis of the test is carried out on-site using portable analysis equipment, with results forwarded confidentially to the client

    Two tests are available:

  • Level A: Testing for Cocaine, Cannabis, Methamphetamines & Opiates
  • Level B: Testing for Methodone, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine & Opiates
  • A common criticism of drug testing is that it does not tell the employer if the staff member is or was under the influence at the time. Using our testing, we can tell you within the same hour


  • The T.U.C. report that 27% of UK employers say drug misuse is a real issue at work. A key laboratory report that only 21% of UK employers have drug and alcohol policies in place
  • The consequences of an employee working under the influence of drugs or alcohol are immeasurable when an accident is caused as a result of impared judgement
  • The NHS Substance Misuse Provider Alliance report that UK adults are the most likely in Europe to abuse stimulant prescription drugs and other substances

  • On-site cost per person: - £65 *
  • One off test per person at our office - £125
  • Home visit - from £145 + travel

  • For more information or to book telephone 020 7158 0332 or email

    Companies use our on-site drug testing for Health and Safety compliance & Positive PR

    drug testing at office or construction plant

    Private Drug testing for family members for cocaine, cannabis and prescription medication

    Private Drug Testing

    Testing for Alcohol at work and elsewhere as a Health & Safety safeguard

    Alcohol testing in the workplace

    Hospitality Venues that regularly drug test staff demonsrate a positive attitude to licensing

    Drug testing in hospitality venues

    While our drug testing is quick and easy, some instances require a certified Laboratory Test

    Laboratory Testing for drugs

    Technical Information and Statistics pertaining to our drug and alcohol testing services

    Drug testing technical information

    Our drug testing is derived from our established fingerprinting services for evidence and visa

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