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Private Detective in Poland - telephone 020 7158 0332 [if calling from outside the Uk call +44 (0)20 7158 0332] or send an email to

Private Detective working in Warsaw, Krakow and Poland on varying assignments for clients from all sectors

The growing importance of Poland as a vibrant and economically improving economy, together with the multiple International interaction with the UK has led to demand for our services both in Poland and on behalf of Polish clients in the UK and Europe

Our fingerprint technicians travel to Poland to service the requirements of executives requiring FINRA and Gaming Licence applications

Talk to us in the first instance by telephoning 020 7158 0332 ( +44 20 7158 0332 from abroad) and we will set up a personal or video call

Investigative assignment in the capital city of Warsaw on behalf of legl and corporate clients

Private investigation in Warsaw, Poland

Private Investigation in Krakow using our extensive knowledge of the city and the country

Private Investigator in Krakow Poland

We work in many of the Eastern European countries with local experience and multinational staff

Private Detective Eastern Europe

Polish speaking private Detective Vanesa Kyjovska works extensively in Poland

Private Investigator Vanesa Kyjovska

Help for UK and USA Nationals who are accused or a victim of crime in Poland

Criminal investigation in Poland

Private Investigation in Bucharest and throughout Romania for corporate and personal clients

Private Detective Romania

Private Investigator in Latvia, in particular in Riga and across the country

Private Detective in Latvia

We have a Slovakian National on our team and are equipped for investigation in Slovakia

Private Detective Solvakia

Private Detective in Tallinn and across Estonia

Private Detective Estonia

Private Detective in Lithuania

Private Investigator Lithuania

Similarly, we work in Albania in Tirana

Private Investigator in  Albania
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