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A Difficult Year for Employment

A Difficult Year for Employment

The implication of the economy on employment conditions and the actions of employees working for companies in the UK

Employment conditions are expected to remain difficult as businesses continue to struggle with weak demand. According to the British Chambers of Commerce’s latest Monthly Business Survey, many employers intend to introduce wage freezes. Nearly one in five (18 per cent) are looking at dropping employee benefits such as bonuses and gym membership. The squeeze on pay packets, the BCC said, is a sign that firms do not envisage that the economy is likely to pick up dramatically, this despite forecasts

This is likely to increase the temptation for employees to defraud their employer, some attempting to bail out by setting up their own companies in competition, possibly poaching staff or using their employers resources to fund their sideline business. Internal theft is likely to increase, as is the danger of employees poaching your clients for their own ends

We will help you protect your profits and company resources, using investigative disciplines such as surveillance, computer forensics, fingerprinting and, potentially, undercover operations. For practical assistance and consultation on this difficult issue contact us in the first instance either by email to or by telephoning 01483 200999 and discussing the matter with our commercial team. We work throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally

Employees & HR

Sickness & Absenteeism

Staff sickness, supported by a Fit Note, may be abused. Employees may fraudulently take extended sick leave or unauthorised absence

Employment Tribunal

Employment Tribunal

We have helped many companies to resist or win employment tribunals, particularly if there is suspicion of fraudulent or unfounded claim

Moonlighting Employees

Moonlighting Employees

Most full time employees are required to work for you only - some will moonlight, in a similar industry or in their own parallel company

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