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Challenge 25
Test Purchasing

Does your Challenge 25 policy work? Our test purchasers assess it's effectiveness in conjunction with Challenge 25 training. Call 01428 658493 to find out more or send an email enquiry to

Test Purchasing for Challenge 25 sales, assessing whether your staff are fully aware of the guidelines and avoiding scrutiny by your licensing authority

Challenge 25 Training

Running controlled test purchases under Challenge 25 lets you assess how well your staff perform - particularly if conducted in conjunction with Challenge 25 Training

Let us test you out - in a controlled assessment that finds out how your staff respond when confronted with a person they should ask for ID

The exercises enable you to assess how they react, whether they adhere to your company's policy, record refusals - or fail completely

There is no recrimination - which there would be if you were tested by the licensing authority. The procedures are favoured by the authorities, and you are seen to be pro-active in implementing Challenge 25

Training in how to adhere to Challenge 25 procedures - how to handle underage purchasers and what ID is valid

Challenge 25 Training

You can download free Challenge 25 posters for display in your premises in support of your Challenge 25 policy

Free Challenge 25 posters

Pricing for Challenge 25 courses and Challenge 25 Test Purchasing Training, held on-site at your premises where your staff are familiar

Challenge 25 training rates
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