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Drug Testing

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Drug Testing is also available for 100% laboratory verification - Tel: 020 7158 0332 or email

Using a non-invasive collection kit to send fingerprint samples to an independent testing laboratory

When appropriate, a fingerprint collection kit may be used to obtain independent laboratory verification of a test result

The kit will verify the result of positive screening tests and is a screen against contamination

All samples are bar coded to maintain anonymous sample identity and assimilated into a chain of custody

Contact us on 020 7158 0332 or email

On-site or home visited drug testing using fingerprint technology that is non-invasive

Drug testing at work and home

Workplace Drug Testing of departments or entire workforce, on-site without disruption

Drug testing in hospitality venues

For private individuals either through home visits or by attendance at our office

Personal Drug Testing

High level alcohol test administered on-site, by home visit or at our office

Alcohol testing in the workplace

Staff in clubs, hotels, bars tested for illegal substanceslegal & prescription drugs

Hospitality venue staff testing

The technical background to our on-site and home testing service

Drug testing technical information

Fingerprint forensics for on-site evidence investigation

Fingerprint evidence and regulation
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