Vanesa Kyjovska Private Investigator
Vanesa Kyjovska Private Detective

Vanesa Kyjovska, P.I.

Vanesa is a Private Investigation with Answers Investigation. To contact Vanesa send an email to

Slovakian born Vanesa is engaged on an apprenticeship as a Private Detective

"I honestly think its such a valuable option to learn real world skills and earning a salary along the side at this age. I was forced to leave university after studying Forensic Psychology for 2 years, I felt very lost and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get into this field of work without a university degree. However, I was fortunate enough to be offered a wonderful apprenticeship to be a private detective and to this I just couldn’t say no. This got me into better circumstances and gave me a kick in the right direction"

"A few months later I find myself travelling to and working in Monaco, meeting and fulfilling the needs of an Executive and wondering quite how this happened. It wasn't until, after stepping off the plane in Nice, France and catching the train to Monaco that with a warm sun on a winters day I had made the right choice in my apprenticeship. Having said that, the extremed diversity of this job does have its varied ups and downs - contrast one week working amid the yachts in the harbours of Nice and Monaco, and the next back in the UK freezing at a harbour on the Hamble, videoing and photographing every craft berthed there"

"Recently I travelled to Warsaw on behalf of a client in the Gaming industry. Being Slovakian by birth, I have a competent fluency not only in Slovakian but also in Polish. the experience of seeing and working in the capital city of one of the booming countries of Europe is something I appreciate adding to my skills and experience"

"Working under an apprenticeship includes hands on learning that universities didn’t really provide us in the 2 years and really pushed my skills. This Apprenticeship program has made me so much more focused and genuinely happy to learn. I feel like I can have real progression within this workplace, as everyday is unexpected and that’s what I love, you are challenged so much and pushed so you are working to your full potential"

Private Investigator

"The team here are so welcoming and wonderful. They look out for you like family but are also professional when it comes to work which I think is what you need in a workplace. No one has ever believed in me like they do and that helped with my confidence and made it such an amazing working environment"

Vanesa is from Slovakia and has lived in the UK for many years

Watch Vanesa interviewed while in the hairdressers chair in an episode from the series "Cut to the Crime"

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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