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Sophie-Lynne Jory

Sophie-Lynne visited our exhibition stand at London Excel where she met with 'Sherlock' and was immediately fascinated by what we did, and who we were. Following this visit up with an email and telephone call she arranged one of the few slots then still available to join us for work experience. Having organised somewhere to stay near our main office in Guildford, she threw herself into the work and, often, joyfully out of her comfort zone. Sophie-Lynne is fluent in Hungarian and has basic language skills in French and German

One or two of the factors of our life is that pre-planning is often a luxury and working 9-5 uncommon. Undeterred, Sophie-Lynne threw herself into a first day's surveillance with Will Brocklehurst, finishing in the early hours of the morning. Following this up spending time with Olivia and some gentle undercover work, she enthusiastically and efficiently saw some of the more tedious report writing and preparation for another exhibition at which we were presenting in Thames Valley, near to our office in Reading. Having met 'Sherlock' at Excel, she was happy to become Sherlock herself for the day. This did, however involve someone handy with a sewing kit taking in what was already a small costume to fit her slender frame

Having been picked up (in a van) early in the morning, Sophie-Lynne spent a hard working day at Windsor Racecourse, engaging with visitors to the exhibition, being able to talk about some of her experiences, and encouraging them to visit the Private Investigators on our stand. Many people wanted their photograph taken and tweeted, some photographs receiving hundreds of views to the benefit of visitors businesses. After a busy day (we always have one of the most heavily visited stands) and an adjournment to a local pub for a meal she was voted a success by everyone and encouraged not to part company after her next final day. She was, however, fairly keen to change back into 'normal' clothes

Sophie-Lynne's week has not ended there. Now thoroughly hooked, she is to continue working on a part-time basis in London and other areas as well as joining us for another exhibition in Lambeth. It is worthwhile watching this space - our principle is to help people develop their skills and to capitalise upon them. With a developed intellect and high IQ, Sophie-Lynne speaks fluent Hungarian, a skill we were previously missing

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