Tom Rollings Forensic Technician
Tom Rollings Forensic Technician

Tom Rollings

Fingerprint Technician

Tom is a skilled Fingerprint Technician working in London, Surrey and throughout the UK To contact Tom send an email to

Tom works at our London and Surrey offices, fingerprinting clients for regulatory purposes such as FINRA, Gaming Licences and for Criminal Record Certificates overseas
Contact Tom by email at or call 020 7158 0332

"My role at Answers Investigation is one that I love. Coming from a background of hospitality I draw great satisfaction through assisting clients of every different background whether they are a private client utilising our services to reach a new job, a visa or even for adoption, or corporate clients allowing them to extend there services overseas. I enjoy knowing that our work is paramount to so many people’s lives"

"Our team are amazing to work with, teaching me everything I need to know, and most importantly their trust in my work has allowed me to develop quickly. Getting hands on, traveling the country to collect evidence or meet with clients allowing investigations to get underway, and sharpening my administration skills is a reward in itself"

"My biggest takeaway so far is that small details matter, whether that’s simply dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s or how you present and interact with clients who are, sometimes, desperate for help. Every little detail is paramount to reaching the outcome our clients require"

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