Lily Elkington Private Detective
Lily Elkington Private Investigator

Lily Elkington, P.I.

Having introduced herself to private investigation through work experience, Lily is now an Apprentice, selected from over 170 applicants. To find out more send an email to

Lily is an Apprentice Private Detective and is well versed in many aspects of investigation from fingerprinting to surveillance, working from our offices in London and Surrey

Her adventure started with work experience, returning to use her learned skills to work part-time, test purchasing for Challenge 25 and being involved in late night surveillance in Central London before applying for and securing an apprenticeship above 170 applicants

Private Investigator

"Making initial contact with Answers Investigation, I was apprehensive of what my role would entail and the true extent of how involved I would be during my weeks work experience. I was quickly put at ease during a meeting with the team, prior to the start of my work experience"

"Immediately I felt like a part of the team - right from the start I was being given active and hands on roles, including interviewing suspects in London and taking fingerprints. I never imagined to be given such interesting and invigorating roles seeing as I was only here for a week of work experience; however I was happily surprised"

Private Investigator
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