Lily Elkington Private Detective
Lily Elkington Private Investigator

Lily Elkington, P.I.

Having introduced herself to private investigation through work experience, Lily is now an Apprentice, selected from over 170 applicants. To find out more send an email to

Lily is an accomplished young investigator, adept at surveillance and in fingerprinting as well as many of the other crafts of a Private Eye

A Private Investigator, Lily was engaged as an apprentice, fulfilling her apprenticeship with a distinction. She now works as a fully fledged private Detective, one of the youngest in the country, using her experience and young looks to skilful advantage. Any day is different, with assignments ranging from fingerprinting private and corporate clients, collecting witness statements to completing late night surveillance in central London

In her words: "I had to quickly become a city girl, understanding the etiquette and dress code to fit my role that would open up conversation with clients"

Private Investigator

"Every day you can never predict what calls or requests will come in last minute, which is what is so gripping about the job. No day is the same, and it is certainly not a normal 9-5 office job, especially when doing late night observations which takes you traveling in every direction across London. The role throws you in to have to be able to adapt to any situation and be observant while fitting in to society, even when doing surveillance. The art of covert observation comes from assessing your surroundings and understanding how to behave so that your body language isn't suspected"

"In a short space of time I learnt many skills which don't come from a textbook, everything is very hands on and you learn the skills in your own way. You're thrown in to the deep end of learning, which is definitely the best way to learn versatile techniques of being a private detective"

"That learnt adaptability paid dividends recently when working in Bucharest, Romania recently"

Podcast producers Surrey Cast caught up with Lily at Surrey Business Expo

Surrey Cast Podcast Private Detective

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BBC Radio Private Investigator

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