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Lauren Parker fulfilled a full apprenticeship as a Private Detective. Telephone Answers Investigation on 01483 200999 or email

Lauren fulfilled an accredited apprenticeship, learning about all manner of investigation from surveillance to fingerprinting and demonstrated herself to be a competent researcher

Lauren Parker

With an overwhelming learning curve - the work we handle is broad and often very complex - she throws herself into her practical work with care, compassion and interest

One of Lauren's first visits outside of her comfort zone was to take on the role of ' Sherlock' at a business exhibition on only her second day of working, engaging with visitors and exhibitors alike - including engaging with a Segway board!

Six months into her apprenticeship, Lauren learned the art of surveillance, her young looks enabling her to be almost unnoticeable and above suspicion, has become a competent trainer in running on-site training sessions in applying Challenge 25 to under age sales and is trusted by many clients.

She is also adept at fingerprinting, not only where used in evidence but in taking people's prints for verification for the FBI

Some of the less routine assignments have included interviewing a prisoner in pentonville Prison and travelling to Morocco for investigation on behalf of three different clients

While you are unlikely to spot Lauren when on surveillance, you may recognise her from last year's Christmas card or in her other guise as Sherlock at any one of the numerous business shows where we have exhibited

Lauren was a finalist for 'Apprentice of the Year' as reported in the Surrey Advertiser

Surrey Advertiser private Investigator Lauren parker Toast of Surrey Business Awards finalist Apprentice Scheme of the Year

Lauren featured again in the Surrey Advertiser prior to the awards

Surrey Advertiser Private Investigator

Finalist in the Federation of Small Business 'Apprentice of the Year' award

FSB Business Awards Finalist apprentice of the year

Our unique Christmas Cards feature Lauren as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock at Christmas
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