Dorking Private Investigator

Dorking Private Investigator

Dorking Private Detective local to you or to your business. Telephone 01306 519275 to talk about any issue - or Email Answers Investigation are the FSB Surrey Business of the Year. Answers Investigation have local sites in London, in Surrey & in Hampshire & other locations across the UK

We handle a lot of investigative work in Dorking and extensively in Surrey, our main base being in the county, handling issues for clients with problems personally and with their business

Dorking Private Investigator

Contact us on 01306 519275 or by email.

Personal matters need to be handled sensitively - something we excel at. Our staff make up is varied, meaning the right person to liaise with you

Personal Investigation Dorking

We resolve complex (and straightforward) business issues, obtaining evidence that prevents the matter becoming a saga

Corporate Private Investigation Dorking

We work for the principal legal firms in Dorking and for many other practices across Surrey and the UK, handling process serving and other work

Process Server Dorking

Presenting to students at Ashcombe School Careers Fair - an example of some of our commitment to the local community

Dorking Private Detective Ashcombe School careers fair

Ashcombe School Year 12 student Rhianna Walter spent a week with us in Work Experience - and an adventure in a champagne bar

Dorking Private Detective Work experience

Interview in local newspaper - article by Gemma Angell- "Residents Hire Investigators up to 20 times a month"

Dorking Advertiser private Investigator

Feature on Olivia being named 'Employee of the Year' at the FSB Business Awards

Dorking Advertiser Private Investigator

Surrey Advertiser - 'Revealed - the Surrey team detecting a need for Answers'

Revealed - the Surrey team detecting a need for Answers' - reporter Chris McKeown spends time with Private Investigators Answers Investigation

Get Surrey article - 'We sort out People's Messes' -Surrey's Private Eyes discuss their biggest cases

Surrey Advertiser private Investigator We sort out people's messes - Surreys private eyes discuss their biggest cases

Nominated in the Toast of Surrey Business Awards for the Apprentice Scheme of the Year

Toast of Surrey Business Awards Finalists Apprentice Scheme of the Year

Overall Winners of the 'FSB Business Awards' and named 'Surrey Business of the Year'

FSB Business Awards Overall Winners

BBC Radio Surrey when records of people using the dating site Ashley Madison had names leaked

Private Detectives interviewed by Nick Wallis on the subject of Teenage Detectives

The Surrey Advertiser find Sherlock on Answers stand at the Dorking Business Expo

Surrey Advertiser Sherlock

Monthly lifestyle magazine Surrey Life features our winning the FSB Business Awards for Surrey

Surrey Life magazine Private Investigator

Exhibitors & Visitors to Surrey Hills Business Expo met Sherlock Holmes at the PNL Centre

Surrey Hills Business Expo Private Investigator Sherlock
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