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How to make a Business Expo come alive - bring a very original Sherlock Holmes with you. Clients and visitors met us at the South Coast Business Works Exhibition at St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton. Call us on 02380 308274 or email us at

Private Detectives and Sherlock at South Coast Business Works

The Daily Echo once again organised South Coast Business Works, a business exhibition at St Mary's Stadium Southampton; a place to meet and talk with many different businesses and interact with Sherlock Holmes and the Private Detectives of Answers Investigation

Southampton Daily Echo South Coast Business Works exhibition Private Investigator

Sherlock is the epitomy of Private Investigation and will be on hand to discuss your needs

BBC South Today Private Investigator

On TV again, Sally Taylor meets one of our Private Eyes to discover how the world of Private Investigation works in real life

Southampton Daily Echo Private Investigator

A major interview by the Southampton Daily Echo about how a young female Investigator is invisible in her daily working life

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