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Joe Bate went on to become a full time Investigator after joining us for work experience post graduation. Call us on 01483 200999 or email

Joe Bate

After studying Law at university, Joe went on to train as a barrister, helping him to obtain a solid understanding of the UK legal system. Joe entered the world of Private Investigation after completing work experience with Answers which gave him a hands-on (and eye-opening!) insight into the industry which included Tracing, Surveillanceā€¦ and dressing up as Sherlock Holmes for a local business exhibition! After only a week, Joe knew that he had found his vocation and was delighted to be offered a full-time position shortly afterwards

Based at the Head Office in Guildford and with a base in London, Joe is involved in the whole spectrum of private investigative work and has experience in providing services for Corporate, Legal and Private Clients in areas such as Surveillance, Process Serving and Tracing

Joe understands that confidentiality is of paramount importance and treats all clients in a professional and respectful manner, irrespective of the profile of the client or the nature of the enquiry

Private Investigator on Fubar radio

Listen to Joe interviewed by Ollie and Si on Fubar Radio in an iireverent and fun radio interview

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