Cara Manning Private Detective
Cara Manning  Private Detective

Cara Manning
Private Detective

Cara Manning, Private Detective for Answers Investigation. You can contact her on n 01483 200999 or send email to

In Cara's words:

I have no idea how I became a private detective, but I now love it. While helping Answers with test purchases for the Challenge 25 programme in London my skills were spotted and from there, I quickly began learning new and exciting techniques

Within a few weeks I’d gone from helping as a test purchaser to taking fingerprints on the 35th floor of a London office, spending 6 hours on surveillance and even serving papers in rural France. My upcoming week involves taking Fingerprints, interviewing potential burglary suspects and going undercover to track down a long-lost family member

I’d never expected to fall into this line of work, however it is something that now continues to fascinate me every day. The experiences I’ve gained while working here have helped to shape me into a more knowledgeable and adaptable person, when working as well as in daily life

While the concept of conflict journalism has always been my goal, working at Answers has shown me that there are many more possibilities for my skill set than I first imagined

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