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Private Investigator Andy Cross has many years experience and is adept at investigations on all levels. Running all our operations in Hampshireand Dorset, he may be contacted on 02380 308274 or by email at

Andy Cross private Investigator

Andy Cross

With over a decade of experience in Private Investigation, Andy Cross runs operations in Hampshire from an office base near Southampton

"Having spent the last fifteen years with Answers I feel as if I should start writing a book! It is certainly a job that makes you think on your feet and the application of imagination is crucial. Forget planning a day at the office - by 11.00 a.m. any plan has changed beyond recognition"

"I have been involved with numerous undercover and surveillance operations for corporate clients often resulting in my evidence ending up in court. Extensive surveillance tasks in the City of London and elsewhere have also allowed me to obtain vital information of the movements and patterns of subjects who are under investigation"

"Probably the most common case that I am involved with from start to finish is that of absent employees, stress and back pain seem to be the most popular reasons for not attending work and are often very difficult for a general practitioner to assess. Gathering information in the form of video and still photography allows the client to match the absent employees story with that of the hard evidence collated"

"Bringing our fingerprinting facility in house has also allowed me to apply this particular investigative method as well as computer forensics to many of my cases for both corporate and private clients. The results of Computer forensics can be absolutely overwhelming, recreating deleted files and email as hard evidence of misdemeanour"

Andy manages operations in Hampshire and Dorset from a physical office near Southampton working on cases in Dorset, Hampshire, London and across the country - everything from legal support to de-bugging premises for hidden electronic devices, surveillance and discreet physical enquiries

"Whether the caller is commercial or private , everyone who contacts our office is treated with the most upmost confidentiality and respect. We realise that it takes a lot of courage to pick up the phone to discuss personal and professional issues with a stranger, however clients feel much better for having done so. Today seems a far cry from my early days"


Andy runs all our in-house Forensic Fingerprinting Services, testing evidence and running comparisons to identify a culprit

Listen to Andy talking on the radio or hear other radio broadcasts by Answers Private Detectives

Andy holds a DBS (CRB) Criminal Records Clearance Certificate

Forensic fingerprinting for evidence

Andy's experience and knowledge of Fingerprinting is extensive and consequently he runs our forensic services

FSB Business Awards Finalist employee of the year

Private Investigator Andy Cross was the winner of the 'FSB 'Employee of the Year' award


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