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The Interview

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The Interview

We are one of the few companies in this industry to actively recruit. While there are no strict guidelines, the comments below about interview preparation, and what may be expected of you will be of help

We periodically interview, mostly in a fairly informal environment - sometimes one-to-one, although more commonly, given the high number of applications we receive, in a group interview. The comments below are an opinion only, and should not be taken as a direct instruction

There is a gulf between employer's expectations when recruiting and what people applying for jobs believe is expected. Aligning these expectations is the key to standing out from the crowd and being offered the prize job you want. Qualifications are important, but when you get to the interview stage it's all about your attitude. Employers recruit for attitude and train for skills

We are probably more interested in a candidate's outlook and behaviour than in your academic qualifications (although these are important, too). We look for optimisn, determination, emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence and resilience. We want to see personality and enthusiasm; we also want to see candour and honesty

If you haven't worked before, perhaps because you are coming to us straight from education, you will need to be able to explain why you want to work for us - so do some research - this website is a good start, but not the total resource. It will signal that you are interested and proactive. You may think of first applying for work experience

A trap many fall into is just to talk about yourself. It's fine to talk about your skills, but you also need to demonstrate that you are engaged with our business sector and familiar with what we do. Many candidates have applied for work experience , finding it a beneficial and fun experience

Get to the interview in plenty of time. Our now famous 'worst interviewee ever' was late for a group interview, keeping seven people waiting, blatantly rude to the person in our office who helped them find the place and then interrupted their way through everyone else with innapropriate and self-inflating opinions. Unsurprisingly, they do not have a career as a Private Investigator

Watch for opportunities to demonstrate that you have done your homework on us and our client markets. A lack of interest in an employer is one of the most common reasons candidates don't get beyond first base. Balance talking with listening - show you can listen and allow all questions to be covered

Above all, don't be disheartened if you don't get the job. Competition is high, and think of the interview as an opportunity. Being gently let down does not normally mean it is a closed door, and may be an invitation for the future

Private Investigator Apprentice


We have an accredited Apprenticeship programme over a 12 month period, in which you can learn the trade of a Private Eye with potential follow-on employment

Private Investigator Employment

Private Investigator

Possible vacancy for a Private Investigator able to handle investigative workn; there is capability to rise to a role encompassing client responsibility and investigation leadership.

Private Investigator Work Experience

Work Experience

Work experience candidates are welcome to talk to us - many have spent an enjoyable time learning about investigation work, visiting from as far away as America and Martinique

Business Development Manager Private Investigator

Business Development

A Unique opportunity for a pro-active individual to work in the world of Private Investigation initially by making marketing / sales appointments for Senior Private Investigators

Private Investigator Franchise


We are expanding through Franchise, teaching franchisees how to work in the world of Private Investigation morally, ethically and successfully. See our franchise pages to learn more

Private Investigator junior

Junior Investigator

From time to time we recruit a junior private investigator at our main office in Guildford. Ideal for someone with a keen mind and good academic standard - an exciting career entry

 Private Investigator

Investigator/Account Manager

You will need to have a proven record in creating new business accounts from the corporate and legal sectors, derived from a large prospect pool. If you have the basic ability, we will teach you how to be an effective Private Eye

Private Investigator

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