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Amy Coleman is a Private Detective with Answers Investigation. Skilled and experienced, she has an enviable work ethic and a total dedication to the needs of our clients. You can talk to her by calling 01483 200999 or by email at
Amy Coleman Private Investigator

Amy Coleman

Amy is an invaluable member of the team, adept in a range of investigative skills from covert surveillance to fingerprinting, with a valid experience in taking and developing fingerprints at FBI standards. Outside of work Amy is a Special Constable bringing the best police training alongside her talents as a private investigator

“I absolutely love my career here with Answers investigation, the thrill of not knowing what tomorrow or next week is going to bring is very exciting it certainly gets you out of bed in the morning. As well as being hands on with Surveillance, fingerprinting and product analysis, process serving, tracing and anything else we come across, there is so much organising required in setting up investigations, business exhibitions, running Challenge 21 courses, organising work experience candidates and the day to day running of our office. It really is fantastic becoming a detective being constantly busy, travelling to new places, working with so many different people, being there to help them, meeting objectives and delivering results and brings a great feeling of satisfaction and achievement.”

In recognition of her achievements, Amy was the runner up to the SME Business Awards for Apprentice of the Year

SME Business Awards Finalist

Private Investigator Amy Coleman - runner up for Apprentice of the Year in the SME Business Awards

Private Investigator
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